17 September 2019

???? Ready to Spice Things Up? ????

Are you using stickers in your Instagram Stories? If you’ve been looking for ways to create content that is more attention-grabbing, creative and engaging, then you should be! ????????‚Äć????

It’s easier than ever to add a creative touch to your content with sticker options for Questions, Countdowns, Polls, and our personal favorite – GIFs! These stickers are the perfect way to engage with your audience, add an element of fun and grow your business on Instagram. ????

Want to know more? Check out our favorite ways to incorporate stickers into your content! ????

???????? Story Stickers ????????

  • GIFs: ????¬†GIFs are a great tool for businesses to create perfectly branded content that is guaranteed to delight your followers. Using this¬†feature in a consistent way can add a ton of personality to your Stories and help you build a loyal following.¬†
  • Location Sticker: ????Using¬†the location sticker can help boost discoverability of your Stories, resulting in more views &¬†engagement (same goes for the Hashtag & Mention Sticker). It is also perfect if¬†you’re running a¬†location based event, like a pop-up sale or a conference.¬†
  • Poll Sticker: ????¬†Have you ever wanted to survey your Instagram¬†audience? Then you should consider using the poll sticker! It’s the perfect way to engage with your audience & gather valuable¬†information.¬†
  • Question Sticker:¬†‚ĚďThe question sticker is a great way to engage with your audience on a deeper level. The sticker puts your followers in the¬†driver’s¬†seat as they submit questions for you to answer, providing the perfect opportunity to start a conversation.¬†
  • Countdown Sticker:¬†‚ŹĪ¬†This is a¬†great tool to promote your sales, events,¬†product launches or build excitement about an announcement. Your followers can subscribe to the countdown¬†sticker you created &¬†receive a reminder when the time is up!¬†
  • Chat Sticker: ????¬†Ready to build a loyal & engaged community? With the¬†chat sticker,¬†you’re able to initiate a¬†private group chat with up to 31 of your followers. It’s the perfect tool to kickstart real-life conversations & build a mini-community with your followers.

Now remember, as with anything you post on social media, you’ll want to ensure that your content aligns with your business’ branding & overall marketing goals, &¬†that includes choosing the right GIFs & stickers! ????