The Team

Jennifer Kaminski

The Founder / Managing Director

With more than 15 years of experience in the marketing field, underscored by her trendsetting work in social media, Jennifer is Social Thinkking’s Founder and Managing Director. With a focus on directing and leading on-trend lifestyle and luxury brands as it relates to their strategies involving digital marketing, brand management, pr, social media and partnerships by creating a road map to increase the brand’s online visibility and traffic.


Director of Operations & Strategy
With a mindset influenced by living across 3 different continents, Yara brings creative direction and leadership insight to help impact founders and brands share their story and find their voice through a pivotal digital footprint. Yara shares a deep commitment to serving clients and is passionate about art, music and everything Mediterranean.


Marketing Project Manager
Raised in Miami, Francisca went to school at Florida International University where she graduated with a master’s degree in Mass Communications. A strong believer in the power of creating and sharing quality content, she discovered her love for social media while completing her degree. A self-proclaimed pop-culture junkie, Francisca enjoys being able to fuse her passion for communications and all things social to support brand initiatives. 


Graphic Designer
A recent Parsons School of Design graduate with a passion for visual design, content creation, and photography. Having been born and raised in South Florida, combined with her years of living in New York for school, has allowed for her to develop a diverse skillset with capabilities ranging from UX and Service Design to Digital Art and Collaging. She found her love for social media through its ability to promote and grow a community around art and design practices.


PR Account Manager
Samantha is a passionate communications professional with a creative and knowledgeable approach to public relations. With a decade’s experience working in both New York City and Miami, Samantha is versed in creating integrated public relations plans for luxury, lifestyle, and consumer brands, with a goal of increasing brand awareness and securing top tier local, national and international press placements.


Account Manager
Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Miami, Estefanie is a graduate from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and a minor in social media and e-marketing analytics. Her initial love for all things marketing grew when she realized the power & influence it has on brands and the world we live in today. She has been growing in the industry for more than 4 years building experience in copywriting, branding, editing, and content creation.


Content Coordinator

Growing up with a passion for writing and all things social media, Daniella is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Journalism with a minor in Marketing at Florida International University. Daniella is driven by a combination of many passions— simply defined as doing what she loves. As an optimistic college student, she seeks to go above and beyond her capabilities to learn new skills within her career. As Social Thinkking’s Content Creator, Daniella is able to do just that.


One part artist, a twist of designer, and a splash of writer… Amy is an all around creative force. With more than 10 years experience in the creative space, her specialty lies in visual communication and creative direction paired with high-level digital strategy in order to create the greatest impact. Her insight is influenced by nearly 8 years living overseas – in London, Paris, and Melbourne, Australia. She now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 


Account Manager

One foot in sales, and one foot in customer service while creating aesthetically pleasing content calendars across all platforms. Yvesanniah is a keen observer of society and trends, specifically among clients’ target audience. Possessing a love for all things marketing and communications Yvesanniah is a true advocate to every client and works with internal departments to ensure that the client needs are understood and satisfied!

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