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Who We Are

[soh-shuhl] adj. Seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable; gregarious.

Founded in 2011, we are a boutique agency made up of pop-culture junkies with a passion for marketing and all things social.  

Our goal is to cultivate a community around your brand by creating and sharing quality content, maintaining brand integrity, and listening to your audience so we can tell your story in the most creative light possible.

We have the same resources of a large agency yet with the unique ability to provide detailed attention to our clients.  We specialize in working with on-trend consumer brands, lifestyle, and luxury.

What Can We Do For You?

We can make you famous.

Ok, just kidding! But we can make you cool, relevant and popular with your target audience. How will we do this? By sharing the story of your brand in the most creative light possible. Our goal is to create and share worthy campaigns that will get some buzz going and keep your brand socially relevant.

Social Media Marketing
Strategy & Community Management
A Social Media Marketing Strategy is a unique piece in your marketing strategy that can help you connect with fans & build brand loyalty. Our goal is to cultivate a community on social media around your brand by creating & sharing quality content, maintaining brand integrity & listening to your audience so we can tell your story in the most creative light possible. 

Social Media Influencer Campaigns
Aligning your brand with influencers from different spheres can encourage consumers to come to your brand with a fresh perspective and allow us to reach your audience in smart, efficient ways.
Digital PR
Long term, public relations is an investment in the brand and the visibility of a business or individual that results in increased recognition and reputation.

Our services cover media relations, blogger and influencer relations, print and online editorial procurement, and event management. Our team leverages our network of media and influencer relationships to make your brand successful! 
Content Creation
Visual Story-Telling
There is no doubt that creative media is vastly more effective than stock photography.   Our team works with you to create visual content to evoke emotions, encouraging a deeper engagement with your customers and fans. 

Blogging & Content Marketing
This is a great tactic in providing an online resource for trade and for consumers to learn WHO your brand is and how to convey your identity more in depth. The objective is to be both informative and influential.

Brand Collateral
Our services include Look Book Design & Creation, Media Kits, Ad Creation & Concepts, Graphic Design, and Copywriting.

Let's Make Some Buzzz...

Amount of Instagram users younger than 35.
Most Instagrammed Food: Pizza. Directly ahead of steak and sushi.
250 Million
Number of selfies to date on Instagram. (Feb. 2017) 
Number of Years it would take to watch a day’s worth of SnapChat stories.
Jennifer Kaminski
The Founder
With more than 15 years of experience in the marketing field, underscored by her trendsetting work in social media, Jennifer is Social Thinkking’s Founder and Managing Director. With a focus on directing and leading on-trend lifestyle and luxury brands as it relates to their strategies involving digital marketing, brand management, pr, social media and partnerships by creating a road map to increase the brand’s online visibility and traffic.
Graphic Designer
A recent Parsons School of Design graduate with a passion for visual design, content creation, and photography. Having been born and raised in South Florida, combined with her years of living in New York for school, has allowed for her to develop a diverse skillset with capabilities ranging from UX and Service Design to Digital Art and Collaging. She found her love for social media through its ability to promote and grow a community around art and design practices.
The Team

PR Account Manager
Samantha is a passionate communications professional with a creative and knowledgeable approach to public relations. With a decade's experience working in both New York City and Miami, Samantha is versed in creating integrated public relations plans for luxury, lifestyle, and consumer brands, with a goal of increasing brand awareness and securing top tier local, national and international press placements.
Social Media Account Manager
Chrissann is a writer and online marketer living a life in full color— she's enchanted by colorful language, colorful design, and colorful characters. Originally from California and having spent the last 12 years living in the Caribbean, she’s now soaking up the trendy tropical locale of Miami Beach. For over 10 years, she's been building her experience in editing, copywriting, branding, email & social media marketing, and web design services. Chrissann is passionate about connecting a brand’s unique voice to its intended audience, and turning casual voyeurs into loyal, engaged fans.
PR Account Manager
With over 10 years of Communication experience, Laura focuses on developing and executing PR campaigns to deliver meaningful editorial for key accounts in consumer brands, luxury lifestyle, real estate, and hospitality realms. 
Marketing Project Manager
Raised in Miami, Francisca went to school at Florida International University where she graduated with a master's degree in Mass Communications. A strong believer in the power of creating and sharing quality content, she discovered her love for social media while completing her degree. A self-proclaimed pop-culture junkie, Francisca enjoys being able to fuse her passion for communications and all things social to support brand initiatives. 

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Let's Make Some Buzzz...

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