16 October 2019

???? Once Upon a Time… ????

Unless you are living under a social media rock, then you know by know how important Instagram Stories have become. ???? With over 500 million active users, Instagram Stories are a great way for businesses to connect with new audiences, boost engagement and even drive sales!

But before you get started, you’ll need a game plan. That’s were a storyboard comes into play! A storyboard allows you to map out the details of your Story and make sure your content, whether it be photos or videos, flows well together. ????

Ready to get started? ???? We’re taking you step-by-step through the planning and design process you’ll need to create top of the line Stories! ????   

????Storyboarding ????

  • Start with a Concept. ????‍♀️ When creating your Instagram Stories, your concept should ideally be tied to at least one of your social media marketing objectives. For example promoting sales, getting feedback or growing engagement.
  • Pick a Color Scheme & Style: ????????‍???? At this stage you should be thinking about what you’d like your Story to look like.Tip: using premade templates is an easy way to ensure a cohesive look to your Story. 
  • Outline the Beginning, Middle & End of Your Story. ???? Each frame should be filled in with content, illustrating the scene and following the flow of the overall Story. This ensures that you hit all the points you want to cover. 
  • Visually Sketch The Concept of Your Story. ???? You’ll want to figure our how you’ll best convey your message & what type of media you’ll need to do so. This can include photography, illustrations, GIFs, videos or even a mix of them all!
  • Final Touches. ???? This is the time to add anything extra you would like to include in your Story, such as geotags, hashtags, stickers or swipe-up links. Including a call-to-action is also a great way for your followers to further engage with your business.
Now that you have a game plan for creating your Instagram Stories, it’s time to get out there and capture your content! ????