17 June 2020

✨ Digital Detox Recommendations for Overall Wellness ✨


Take a Week-Long Break From Your Most Used App

We all have that one app that we spend way too much time on, and it’s never a bad time for a break. Turn off your notifications for this app for a week and let your friends know they can reach you over phone or text!

Refrain From Using Technology After Dark

The blue light from the screens on our devices messes with the natural sleep cycle and keeps you awake longer. Consciously choose to stop using technology once the sun sets and start paying attention to when your body starts to feel tired.

Change Your Notifications

Unsubscribe from texts and emails that just clutter your inboxes, put your phone on silent, and turn off push notifications from apps that aren’t 100% necessary. Also try to pinpoint any alerts that stress you out, and turn those off too.

We hope these recommendations allow you to take some time away from your technology and experience the benefits of a digital detox! ????