17 June 2020

Celebrating Pride Month on Social Media ????

✨ Here Are Our Favorite Ways to Celebrate on Social Media ✨

????️‍???? PLAN A PRIDE CAMPAIGN ????️‍????

Whether you’re an individual, small business, or a larger brand, social activations are a great way to celebrate, show support and raise awareness regardless of your budget. Start by ensuring you and your team are educated on the history of Pride Month and ask your LGBTQIA+ team members to be involved.

????️‍???? CREATE GIFS FOR PRIDE ????️‍????

If you or anyone on your team is feeling creative, you can take on the project of creating Pride GIFs! This is a great way to create custom content to share on your stories, but it also allows the broader community to have access to a wider range of relevant GIFs they can utilize as well.

????️‍???? USE PRIDE RELATED HASHTAGS ????️‍????

As with all things, if you want to get your message out and make sure it’s seen by as many users as possible, you should use relevant hashtags! Some of the most popular hashtags to use on Instagram for Pride Month are: #Pride #Pride2020 #LGBTQ #Gay #Lesbian #Bisexual #LoveWins #LoveIsLove

This is just the starting point for the dozens of ways you can celebrate Pride Month online!
Happy Pride Month from all of us here at Social Thinkking! ????️‍????