20 October 2020

???? Platforms You Should Utilize for Your Business in 2021! ????

If 2020 has proven anything to be true, it’s that time moves quickly and you have to be ready for anything when it comes to your business! With that being said, now is the perfect time to begin planning your social strategy for 2021, so you can stay on track and prepare for the new year. ????

Below are the six social platforms you should utilize in 2021 and what they’re best for!

  1. Facebook: At this point, every business should have a Facebook page that they utilize for finding and engaging with customers. This platform is best for link clicks, raising brand awareness, and event registration. Although it’s not as widely used as it used to be, it’s still a great tool for brick & mortar stores, non-profits, and B2B companies!????
  2. Twitter: Similar to Facebook, Twitter is a great tool for gathering link clicks and engaging with customers. The businesses who should be present here are retail companies, non-profits, and media outlets.????
  3. LinkedIn: This is a great platform that stands out from the rest as it’s the only one of the group that is solely based on professional relationships and interests. It does require a bit more expertise than the previous two, but is an invaluable resource for luxury good companies, software providers, and B2B companies!  ????
  4. Instagram: The platform we all know and love! Its main use is building brand awareness, as it can be difficult to drive traffic out of the platform. You will need a good amount of quality content in various mediums for the best results. If you can manage it, it’s a great platform for bakeries, coffee shops, travel agencies, and museums. ????
  5. Pinterest: The most niche platform of the group, but a great way to drive link clicks if your business caters to the types of interests commonly shared. If you’re a restaurant, interior designer, or in the wedding industry – Pinterest is probably for you! ????
  6. TikTok: The newest, and arguably the most fun, of the group! Leveraging TikTok for marketing or business purposes is still a bit new, but it’s a great platform for increasing brand awareness. If your brand caters to a younger demographic, TikTok is an incredibly helpful tool to reach your audience! ????????

As with all platforms and strategies, you will need to spend more time diving deeper into each of the above to truly understand what will work best for your brand. Holler at us if you’re interested in streamlining your social media strategy for the new year, we’d be happy to help! ????