13 July 2021

New Tools for Making Money on Instagram for Creators

Instagram has announced that they want their app to “serve as a home base for creators to tell their story, grow and make a living.” In an effort to make this a reality, they have introduced a few new ways they plan to help bring this to fruition.

Creator Shops: This new feature allows creators to sell their products or merchandise by linking the shops to both their business and personal accounts.

Affiliate Commerce: This will allow creators to now earn commission from branded sales they make on Instagram.

Branded Content Marketplace: This feature is not live yet, but Instagram announced plans to “help brands match and discover emerging influencers whose reach would be an ideal fit for their audience.” 

These tools were designed to allow creators to be able to earn through the app natively and give consumers more options to make purchases through the app, which is in line with the direction Instagram seems to be heading! 

To learn more about these new features and to read the full announcement from Instagram, click here. ????