1 August 2022

Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Manager

Have you ever contemplated the role social media plays in your overall marketing strategy? If you haven’t, then now is the time to start! Around 95% of online adults are inclined to follow a brand via social media, which means that your customers actually expect you to have an online presence. 

Today, we face a new social media landscape and staying up to date with all the changes requires a subject matter expert. The time required to manage, maintain, and execute an effective social media strategy demands the attentive effort of a full-time social media manager.

A social media manager essentially implements a strategy that will bring you more followers and engagement and builds brand awareness pushing your success across all digital platforms.

So let’s dive into our top 5 reasons why your business should consider hiring a social media manager.




1. Saves You Time

A highly impactful social media strategy requires active management of each platform upon which your business is present. This includes creating and scheduling posts, engaging with your business’ audience, interacting with customers via comments and likes, tracking metrics, and more. As a small business owner that’s already consumed with wearing many hats, you could save so much time by hiring a social media manager to work behind the scenes creating branded content specific to your goals.  

2. Keeps You Up-to-date with Fresh Ideas

Social media is ever evolving and therefore social media managers are constantly coming up with fresh, innovative ideas. A social media manager is trained to stay up-to-date and keep your social media strategy as cutting-edge as possible. When significant algorithm changes occur or when new trends evolve, social media managers can easily take your social media strategy back to the drawing board and rebuild it to keep your business relevant to all consumers. 

3. Executes a Social Media Strategy

Putting together a post for social media is easy, but a carefully curated post that resonates well with your target audience requires more professional experience. A social media manager will create each post with an intended objective to drive awareness, conversions, and build your brand loyalty. They bring knowledge formed from their experience, which allows them to know ahead of time what will encourage the most interaction and attention on social media and what will be ignored. In turn, this will give your business an edge in the ultra-competitive social media market.

4. Grows Your Audience & Upholds Your Reputation 

Think of your social media audience as your ambassadors, who would help share the benefits of using your brand’s products. As your audience grows, the credibility of your brand grows. A social media manager’s goal is to create brand awareness for you, and establish your business as an expert in your industry. By creating consistent and valuable content, your followers will begin to trust you and identify with your brand. Additionally, you will start to have loyal fans who look forward to what you will be posting next.

5. Monitors Your Business Performance

A social media manager is familiar and knowledgeable about social media analytics and what they mean. They are specifically trained to track the metrics that matter and then adjust your social media strategy as needed in order to improve and continuously grow towards your goals. This is a vital step because it ensures your business isn’t wasting time and money by focusing on ineffective strategies. 

Bottom line, a social media manager can help provide the tangible results that you desire. Hire a professional who is dedicated to improving and maintaining your social media reputation, which in turn can grow not only your social media base but also grow your leads and revenue.Take the leap today and let a specialist handle your business’ social media strategy and presence!