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Enso Rings

Focused on balancing commitment and comfort without sacrificing a ring you love wearing and showing off.

Value Proposition:

Fast fashion

Social Consciousness

Safety and comfort

The Objective

The Strategy

Lead the creative direction and create content that would reposition brand as fashionable, on trend and align with top influencers such as Olivia Polermo. Create inspiration for people to wear Enso for fashion first as opposed to safety, while developing the right visual aesthetic for Instagram.

The Results

Successfully transitioned the brand aesthetic to be more fashion forward, on trend with pop culture and relevant to a bigger audience.
We were able to drive a bigger sense of community for the brand on social media, increase sales, drive more website traffic, inspire more user generated content, bring on more influencers, and grow their fan base.
Incorporated and executed a successful user generated campaign #goenso which resulted in hundreds of submissions weekly.
Grew Instagram following by 185.3%, reaching over 88.8k followers.
Reached 281.5k followers on Facebook, with 465.8 million impressions.

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