19 August 2020

???? What’s the Deal with Instagram Reels? ????

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook launched Instagram Reels, which feels like a direct response to TikTok. Reels is a new way to record 15 second clips set to music and sounds on Instagram. ????????
If you’re already using Instagram Stories (or TikTok), you should have no problem as the formats have a lot of similarities. Here’s a quick brief on what it means for brands and what you need to know! ????
  1. It’s available in the United States and 50 other countries. ????
  2. The algorithm hasn’t been locked down yet and feels a lot like TikTok’s For You page. It will likely be influenced by who you already follow, the content you interact with, and where you’re located. ????
  3. You can create Reels in the stories camera and have the option of publishing it to your feed, the current max is 15 seconds. They will appear in a new tab on your profile, next to IGTV. ????
  4. The culture is similar to Tiktok and the ability to be agile to jump on emerging trends and expedite approval cycles will be key to your content performing well. ????
  5. If Instagram is a core channel for you, get moving on a customized video strategy asap. ????
  6. Ads are not available here right now; however, that’s likely to change in the future as it takes off. ????

You might look at Reels (or TikTok) as an experimental channel, and you will need to invest the time to understand the culture and identify what works or doesn’t before really seeing much success. Our team is heavily invested in following social media trends and being in tune with the culture of each of the platforms to ensure client success, so don’t hesitate to give us holler if you need some advice navigating this! ????