19 November 2020

???? How Instagram is Changing How We Shop ????

Instagram has made some major changes to the way we interact with the platform, and one of these shifts has come as a move into e-commerce. Although the shop functionality on the app is nothing new, its combinationĀ ofĀ curated shops and the new placementĀ forĀ the shop button on the feed proves how dedicated the platform is to creating a smooth shopping experience. ????

With this, here are a few ways Instagram will prove to be a major force in changing how we shop!

1ļøāƒ£ Shop feeds are fully curated and easy to navigate. The way Instagram has set up the discovery page for shopping is what it would be like to walk into a storeĀ stockedĀ withĀ productsĀ specificallyĀ tailoredĀ to you and your interests. Itā€™s safe to say, you probably wouldnā€™t walk out of thereĀ empty-handed!Ā ????

2ļøāƒ£ The shopping experience has been designed for impulseĀ purchases. With an app that has been unmatched in many regardsĀ withinĀ the social media space, the introduction of scroll-to-shop and incredible tools for business has created a powerhouse for user spending. Businesses can now get their products in front of an interested audience, which significantly reduces the time and effort needed to spend money on both ends of the transaction. ????

3ļøāƒ£ Influencers are a major part of the sales funnel. Considering that influencer marketing has proven to be an incredibly effective way to generate sales, itā€™s no surprise the introduction of Shopping from Creators (where influencers can add shoppable tags to their posts as part of a paid partnership) is the next logical step. This functionality, in combination with the above, removes almost every barrierĀ forĀ consumers before adding to their cart. ????

These are just a few of the many ways Instagram has and will continue to, change the way we shop. If you have a business, this is also a pivotal time for you to familiarize yourself with the shop feature and get your products out there! This is new territory for everyone, so donā€™t hesitate to holler at us if you need some advice navigating this! ????