4 December 2020

???? Social Media Tips Your Brand Can (and Should) Use for the Holidays! ????

The holidays tend to be both the best and craziest time of the year, and that’s especially true if you’re tasked with creating content or running campaigns on social!

While it can sometimes feel hard to keep your head above water with everything going on, there are a few things that make this crazy online world a little easier to navigate. With that, here are our three favorite tips that your brand can use this holiday season!

#1 Collaborate with Influencers ✨ People love to scroll through their feeds for inspiration on the perfect gift, and teaming up with influencers is the best way to get your name in front of a large audience with established trust.

#2 Use a Different Ad Strategy ???? Try out messenger ads and retargeting campaigns this holiday season! Ad prices can get crazy competitive this time of year, so try reaching your audience using these channels for more lift and conversions.

#3 Go Live on Facebook ???? Whether you host live shopping sessions, do a product demo, or announce a giveaway – this is a great way to get in front of your desired audience and stand out from the crowd!