18 June 2021

5 Instagram Hacks for Business Owners ✨

Running a business is tough, but throwing in the pressure of building an online presence, managing your community, and keeping content relevant and fresh for your audience can seem impossible.

Thankfully, it can be a lot easier than it sounds! Keep reading for a few tricks that will turn running your Instagram efficiently from a headache to a streamlined breeze.

1. Understand Your Analytics: By educating yourself on all of the metrics generated and tracked through your account, you can better understand how to position your content for your audience.

2. Make Use of All Your Resources: There are so many incredibly helpful tools available, both in-app and off the app. These resources exist for a reason, and it’s normally to make your life easier! These are things like quick replies or batching content.

3. Batch Your Content: Speaking of batching content, this is a great way to take a ton of stress off yourself! You can use scheduling tools to plan out content in advance, so you can spend that extra time doing other important things – like engaging with your community. 

4. Make the Most of Your Shoot: This one speaks for itself! When you set aside a day for a photoshoot for your brand, make sure you utilize your time wisely. You don’t just have to shoot content for one event or theme – if you organize yourself right, you can get content shot for months down the line!

5. Be Mindful of Burnout: The last but maybe the most important. Regardless of which tips you use, or what routine you create for yourself, you never want to be overwhelmed. Remember, it’s better to post quality content less frequently than to stress yourself out.

These tips are based on this article by Asia Phua at Planoly.