21 September 2021

The Importance of Short Form Video Content

If you’ve been on Instagram or TikTok for any amount of time over the past year, you’ve consumed short-form video content –  and probably a lot of it. As brands, marketers, and creators all continue to fight for the attention of viewers, ensuring you incorporate this type of video content into your strategy is crucial for future success. Here’s why:

1.It’s what users expect.

The majority of users across various social media platforms consume more than 60 minutes of video content per day, and they’re looking for content that is entertaining and catches their attention. Long-form video will always have its place, but if you’re trying to build brand awareness or reach new audiences, short-form content that is fun and engaging will do the job much quicker.

2. Content is more relevant.

When you shift your strategy to incorporate short-form video content, you’re much more likely to create content that is on-trend and relevant as you post more frequently. This is not something that’s achievable with long-form content that has longer turnaround times, because trends on social media can last a few days before the next thing blows up.

3. Social platforms prefer it.

Of course, if you’re on TikTok, video content is the only thing you’ll be creating. However, platforms like Instagram have recently announced upcoming shifts to how the app works, and one of the major updates was the prioritization of video content.

Short-form video content is the preferred choice of content for social media platforms and their users alike, so it’s more important than ever to integrate it into your social strategy. Don’t hesitate to holler at us if you need some advice navigating this!