2 February 2022

Celebrating Black History Month on Social Media

Happy Black History Month, friends! February marks an essential month of celebrating, honoring, and remembering the past achievements and tribulations of the Black community that brought us to where we are today. It’s also the perfect time to take your support to the next level by educating your audience, elevating Black voices and showing your support to Black creators. How exactly can you use your social media platforms to achieve this? Let’s review!

Be an advocate for change. Whether you attend local events or share online resources, letting your audience know ways they can advocate for the Black community is a great step!

Share a tidbit of history. This one may be self explanatory, but it’s never a bad time for a history lesson! Educating your audience on iconic moments in Black history may help them continue to grow and learn.

Highlight your favorite Black creators. Whether it may be a content creator you love or a local Black-owned business, shining a spotlight on these creators is a great way to spread awareness.

Resources for self education:

This blog post was based on an article written by Later.com
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