18 November 2021

New Instagram Updates

We know how much of a challenge keeping up with all of Instagram’s updates can be, especially with how fast they’re released. As of recent, there have been new features introduced almost every week!

To ensure you’re aware of all the new happenings so that you can utilize them for both yourself and your brand, we’ve put together a quick list of some of the more recent features brought to the app.

Add Yours Sticker

This feature allows users to post a story and add this sticker to showcase a relevant photo, and story viewers can join in by tapping the sticker and posting their own!

To try this out:

  • Tap to add a new story
  • Tap the sticker icon
  • Choose Add Yours Sticker
  • Type a theme or choose from the available questions/topics
  • Post the Story

Reels Text to Speech

This new feature allows an auto-generated voice to read your text aloud, similar to what we’ve seen done on TikTok.

To try this out:

  • Go to the Reels camera
  • Record or upload a video
  • Add text to the video
  • Tap the text bubble to access the three-dot menu on the sticker, and select “text to speech”
  • Select one of the two voice options
  • Post your Reel

Deleting Images in Carousels

One of the most long-awaited updates since Carousels were introduced, you can now delete any Image from a carousel post, as long as it stays a carousel (you cannot delete all additional photos, there must be at least two).

To try this out:

  • Go to your profile and open a Carousel post
  • Click the three-dot menu on the top right corner
  • Tap edit
  • A trash can icon should appear on the top left corner of the photos
  • Tap the icon to delete any unwanted images
  • Click done to save changes

Collab Feature

This new feature allows for users to collaborate on posts and Reels, which is a game-changer for brand collaborations and multi-brand giveaways. Creators can send collab invites to other users to have posts show up on multiple Instagram feeds and it will share the exact view count, like count, and comment thread.

To try this out:

  • Tap to post a new photo or create a Reel
  • Upload or record your content
  • Tap to tag users
  • Choose the “invite collaborator” option
  • Publish your post and an invitation will be sent to whoever you tagged

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