21 April 2022

5 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Posting quality content on Instagram is one thing, but growing the right audience to see it is a whole new level. Organically growing your followers isn’t always easy – some say it’s luck, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves! Here are 5 strategies you can use to  increase your followers.

Increase your Reels: If you haven’t started posting Reels yet, this is your sign to start. Instagram’s algorithm heavily favors Reels and seems to push them out to a wider audience than any other type of content. Instead of posting a video or a static feed post, try creating a fun Reel instead and watch your engagement skyrocket. 

Have clear content pillars: Picking a niche can be hard; whether it be food, fashion, travel or other, there are so many topics to explore! You don’t have to stick to just one, but it is important to narrow down your content pillars so you can have a variety of content without being too scattered.

Create a hashtag strategy: Hashtags are key in getting your content seen by your desired audience! Take time to come up with a group of hashtags that align with your niche so your content is searchable. With consistency, your audience should improve.

Optimize your profile: You know what they say – first impressions are everything! Upon viewing your profile, viewers should be able to identify what your profile is all about. Be sure to include a clear and concise bio, and include keywords to convert your viewers into followers. An organized and aesthetic feed is also the way to go.

Stay consistent: Unless you happen to go viral, success doesn’t come overnight! It may seem slow at first, but with dedication and consistency, you will begin to see increases across your account. Good luck!

Blog post inspired by Later Blog post by Jillian Warren.