10 February 2021

New LinkedIn Features That Are Perfect for Brands ????

LinkedIn isn’t the most glamorous platform, we know, but it can be an incredibly powerful tool for your brand! Whether you’re active on the site, or you’re looking to join and grow your presence, check out these three new features that could benefit your business.

#1 Live Video: That’s right, live video isn’t just taking over platforms like Facebook and Instagram! Using live video on LinkedIn creates a path to connecting and forming communities around your brand. This is important on a normal day for a business, but it’s especially important during COVID-19 when making those connections can be incredibly difficult.

#2 Reactions: If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, you know you have the option to react to a post with more than just a thumbs up. The same is now true on LinkedIn! While this might seem unimportant for brands, there are a few interesting ways you can utilize this tool to engage your audience. One way is to create graphics based on the reactions to see how your audience is doing!

#3 Polls: This new feature goes hand-in-hand with reactions, and it’s a great way to get a read on your audience. Your topics can range from light hearted fun to serious questions, but whatever you choose will help create a stronger sense of community!

To learn more about these new features, and a few others, click the link below to read the full article this post was based on, created by Later.