15 June 2022

Stay Ahead With The Latest Features Across Social Media Platforms

With social media, the sky’s the limit! Some of these great social networks are vastly changing our lives while constantly advancing their elements simultaneously. With more than half the world now using social media, it has not only impacted our personal lives but also became an essential component of any business strategy.  

These powerful tools continue to develop and find new ways to support individuals, communities and businesses in boundlessly growing and improving. Check out some of the latest features and developments across platforms that reflect how social media has undoubtedly revolutionized communication and the way we interact with the world.  


If your brand hasn’t tested TikTok yet, we recommend you get onboard – quick! TikTok has recently surpassed other platforms in short-form video content and is continuously introducing new ways for users to connect and engage with their community. Most recently, TikTok launched interactive Stories that enable users to upload content for 24 hours and publicly comment on them, allowing yet another way to engage more closely with their audience. 


As follows, Instagram is now also rolling out several updates for Instagram Reels that will make it easier to edit and get discovered by new audiences. The updates include a new 90 second length, interactive stickers/polls and the ability to Import your Own Audio. In an effort to get people to post more Reel content, Instagram is also working on an option to “create a reaction video” through Reels.

Instagram also added a new attribute to Pin Posts on Your Profile, which allows creators more freedom and range to express themselves and optimize the appeal of their profile display. With this feature, users can pin up to three photos or Reels to remain featured at the top of their profile grid. 


Whether it’s a tutorial, recipe or comedy show, YouTube fans will be happy to now be relieved of fast forwarding efforts or any time wasted in detecting the most useful part of any video.

YouTube now has a “Most Replayed” mark to help users easily locate and watch the most replayed or popular parts of any clip. This is especially helpful for longer videos and ones that are not divided into various sections by timestamps or chapters. The new update displays a graph on each video that can be used to direct users straight to the most important section – the one with the most action! 


As Twitter captivates its audience with a new mixed-media feature that allows users to add both videos and pictures to the same Tweet, they have further ventured into the early stages of a “Twitter Circle”. This is a new way to send Tweets to a selected audience and share your thoughts with a smaller crowd. Similar to the “Close Friends” concept introduced by Instagram, You can now choose who’s in your Twitter Circle every time you Tweet – enabling them to reply and interact with the Tweets shared within the circle. This option can bring up to 150 users together in a Circle and is thus inevitably offered with a mute option to the conversation 🙂 


It comes as no surprise that as a pioneer in social media, Facebook is also continually prompting new ways to bring people together. 

In efforts to help customers and businesses connect better, Facebook created a new option that will enable organizations to send promotional messages to customers who opt-in to get notifications about recent announcements, discounts or various other marketing communications about the brand straight to their inbox. With this new feature, small businesses can re-engage their customers and build a strong and loyal base. 

On that account, happy exploration as you bring your followers closer and broaden your Twitter circle! Be sure to get social and share your favorite moment or milestone with us @socialthinkking to celebrate the wonderful realm of social media!